Монитор пациента GE CareScape B105


GE CareScape B105 Patient Monitor

A simple and versatile modular gas analysis patient monitor from the Carescape family, providing highly accurate monitoring of vital signs. This monitor can be used in surgical units, intensive care units, cardiology departments and neonatal intensive care units. GE B105 supports the connection of three additional modules, without the need to re-set the settings. A simple and intuitive user interface greatly facilitates the work of medical staff.


Exceptional quality overall monitoring
Accurate non-invasive blood pressure measurement in any environment with DINAMAP™ SuperSTAT™ technology, simultaneous 4-lead ECG analysis with EK Pro version 14 technology, selectable SpO2 measurement technologies: TruSignal™, Masimo™ SET™, Nellcor™ OxiMax™ .

  • Impeccable quality of medical care

This is achieved with the Early Warning Score, Full Arrhythmia, Full Disclosure, and V-Tach functions.

  • Extended capabilities

The accessory compartment allows the connection of up to three E-series modules. Various fastening options at the bed and on the bed for transport within the medical facility. Special presets for each department. Optional thermal printer, optional screen and 3-hour battery life.

  • Simple user interface

Large touch screen, large number display mode, choice of data display mode: in the form of numbers or continuous curves, preset profiles for various departments.

  • Wireless connection

Connecting to the CARESCAPE network. Connection to electronic medical record systems via HL7 outgoing connection protocol.

  • GE technologies for measuring additional parameters

Respiratory monitoring, hemodynamic monitoring with cardiac output measurement, anesthesia depth monitoring.

  • Battery life - 3 hours
  • Number of temperature channels - 2
  • Temperature measurement range, °C - 10-45
  • Respiratory rate measurement range - 4-120 breaths per minute
  • Non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP) - Yes
  • ECG monitoring - yes
  • Number of ECG channels - 3/5
  • Temperature measurements - Yes
  • Blood pressure measurements - yes
  • Screen - 10.4" TFT
  • Trends - Graphic and digital up to 72 hours
  • Range of displayed heart rate, bpm - 30-250
  • SpO2 measurement range, % 1-100
  • Alarm system - yes
  • Thermometry - yes
  • Pulse oximetry - Yes
  • Choice of age group - Yes
  • SpO2 measurement - yes
  • SpO2 measurement - yes
  • Heart rate measurement - yes
  • BH measurements - yes

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