Монитор пациента GE B40


Patient monitor GE B40

Patients in acute critical condition need the highest quality medical care. The B40 monitor provides continuous monitoring of the patient's vital signs and significantly improves the quality of clinical decision-making in various departments of almost any medical institution.

Wide range of recorded clinical parameters

  • The B40 monitor uses state-of-the-art clinical measurement technologies to ensure accurate and reliable diagnostic data:GE EK-Pro* software module for accurate heart rate analysis;
  • GE DINAMAP* and SuperSTAT* software algorithms for fast and reliable non-invasive blood pressure measurement;
  • GE Trusignal SpO2 module designed to monitor hemoglobin saturation with oxygen (optionally available with Nellcor** OxiMax** SpO2 and Masimo** SET** SpO2 sensors).

GE Compact Gas Modules

E-Entropy module for monitoring the functional activity of the brain and conducting individual anesthesia

Ease of use for fast clinical decision making

Bright and clear 12.1-inch screen with up to six graphs of parameter changes at the same time;
Intuitive menu and quick access to frequently used functions at the touch of a single button;
Saving graphical and numerical data to monitor the change in the patient's condition for 72 hours;
Modular design allows interoperability with other compatible GE patient monitors;
Connectivity to CARESCAPE* and S/5 data networks ensures compatibility with both old installation base and new models of Carescape series monitors.

Performance and Reliability

Thanks to its rational design, the B40 portable monitor can be easily placed even in rooms overloaded with other medical equipment. The rugged design of the system is designed for intensive daily use and is able to withstand the impact of various adverse environmental factors. All this is the key to high performance and accuracy, characteristic of all GE products. With the help of our equipment, you will be able to provide the level of medical care that your patients expect.

  • Screen - 12.1 inches
  • Resolution SVGA, 800*600
  • The number of simultaneously displayed natural graphs up to 6
  • The location of information blocks and the color scheme are user-configurable
  • Controls
  • universal switch
  • TrimKnob* and hardware buttons
  • Standard control scheme
  • Mood Signals
  • Priority High, medium, low and message only
  • Notification Beep or picture
  • Thresholds Preset values
  • with the possibility of individual adjustment
  • Visual alarm Red, yellow, blue;
  • mode activation message
  • "No sound alarms";
  • general alarm.
  • Audio pause 2 minutes
  • Settings
  • Snapshot of the "General alarm settings" mode
  • and a separate menu section with settings
  • Parameter analysis Parameter parameter analysis
  • (during the previous 10 minutes) taking into account the achievement of threshold values
  • Display of parameter changes
  • graphical all parameters; customizable
  • timeline
  • (from 20 minutes to 72 hours)
  • Numeric All parameters; update of value values 5 minutes or after non-invasive BP measurement
  • Trend pointer In graphical and periodic modes
  • Minitrends For continuous evaluation of recent changes in minitrend parameters (history of changes over the previous 5-30 minutes)
  • Parameters and modules
  • ECG
  • Available studies Configuration with 3 standards -
  • leads: I, II, III
  • Wide 5 configuration
  • from the following leads:
  • I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF and VA
  • Registration speed 12.5; 25 or 50 mm/s
  • Odds range
  • shipping
  • 0.2-5.0 cm/mV
  • Frequency measurement accuracy
  • heart rate
  • 30-300 bpm; ± 5% or
  • 5 beats / min (largest of measurements)
  • Frequency range
  • At current frequencies
  • in the mains 50 Hz
  • Monitoring: 0.5-35Hz
  • ST segment: 0.05-35Hz
  • Diagnostics: 0.05-150 Hz
  • At current frequencies
  • in the mains 60 Hz
  • Monitoring: 0.5-40Hz
  • ST segment: 0.05-40 Hz
  • Diagnostics: 0.05-150 Hz

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