Монитор пациента Draeger Infinity Gamma XL

Drager Infinity Gamma XL Patient Monitor

A compact monitor of the main indicators of the state of the body, which can work both independently and as part of the Infinity network. It provides monitoring of the most commonly measured body parameters in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients with mild to moderate health conditions. Standard readings include ECG, baseline arrhythmia, respiration, pulse, temperature, NIBP, and SpO2 (option: Infinity®Masimo SET® SmartPod® with Masimo SpO2 algorithm that guarantees high measurement accuracy in low peripheral blood flow as well as patient movement) . The Gamma XL monitor has an 8.4" (210 mm) color display and can display up to 4 channels.


  • Simple and reliable wired and wireless communication

Infinity Gamma XL monitors can be networked and move easily from the patient's bed to the hospital without interrupting monitoring. (Wireless is an option.) Patient information collected at the patient's bedside and during transport can be fed through the Infinity network to the Infinity CentralStation and the Innovian® Patient Data Management System for automated processing and charting and graphing.
The Infinity Gamma XL uses the latest wireless card that supports Advanced Security Protocol (WPA2) and Wi-Fi (820.11g) technology for higher throughput. With Dräger, you have access to Infinity OneNet technology, an innovative shared network infrastructure that integrates patient monitoring systems into existing hospital wired and wireless networks without the need for a separate network.

  • Pick and Go® technology simplifies transport

The Infinity Gamma XL uses Dräger's proprietary Pick and Go technology to make this bedside monitor a mobile monitor in your hospital. Infinity monitors provide wired and wireless connectivity for uninterrupted surveillance. No special transport monitor needed. There is no need to disconnect cables and sensors from the patient. No pauses or gaps in monitoring or data collection. As a result, all parameters that were monitored in the ward can also be monitored during the transport of the patient. Gamma XL automatically remembers transport events and prints them when docked, without waiting for connection to a recording device.


  • ECG (3, 5 and 6 leads)
  • Basic arrhythmia analysis
  • Respiration
  • SpO2 (Nellcor system and Masimo system)
  • Second SpO2 channel with MicroO2
  • Pulse
  • Temperature (1-2 channels)
  • non-invasive pressure
  • Invasive pressure (1-8 channels)
  • Oxycardiorespirogram for neonatal patients
  • Connecting the FiO2 sensor
  • The program for calculating the doses of drugs

Connecting modules and sensors

  • cardiac output (thermodillution and PICCO® )
  • etCO2 (forward and sidestream capnography)
  • tpO2/tpCO2 (transcutaneous gases)
  • SCIO (gas analyzer)
  • electroencephalographic module
  • BIS module (bispectral index)
  • NMT module (neuromuscular conduction)

Software options

  • 12-lead ECG
  • Advanced Arrhythmia Program
  • Analysis of the ST segment in three selected leads
  • Analysis of the ST segment by 8 and 12 leads
  • Screen Format Expansion to 8 Channel

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