air flow powder

Mectron prophylaxis powder for air flow units

Prophylactic powder used for the procedures of supragingival teeth cleaning in dental practice
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Powder (air flow) from Mectron for teeth airpolishing 

Mectron prophylaxis powder (air flow type) is used for supragingival teeth polishing based on sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3).
Used in conjunction with Mectron machines for airpolishing and polishing: EasyJet Pro, StarJet, Combi, Combi TOUCH, Turbodent.

лечение air flow

Soda bicarbonate particles under pressure combine with warm water and create a constant and even jet. The jet effectively removes plaque, softer and faster than with polishing heads and pastes, especially in the interdental spaces.

For a more gentle subgingival area of teeth, a glycine-based powder is used.

Choice of powder for cleaning teeth

таблица выбора порошка по назначению

The main advantages of the airpolishing teeth cleaning method

  • Excellent clinical result
  • Qualitative treatment of teeth in the places of their joining
  • Treatment of restorations, preparation of fissure surfaces
  • Polishing gives an easy whitening effect
  • Time-saving compared to the use of traditional methods (polishing with pastes)
  • Minimum abrasive effect on enamel in comparison with the traditional method

Mectron prophylaxis powder is supplied in practical plastic bottles. Each bottle contains 250 g of powder. Packing includes 2 bottles.

To dispense the powder, each bottle has a measuring cap showing the amount of powder required for the corresponding Mectron sandblaster.

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