Магнитно-резонансный томограф GE Healthcare Optima MR450w GEM


GE Healthcare Optima MR450w GEM

The quality of images in an MRI scanner is primarily affected by a magnet. The Optima MR450w system uses a short magnet with a wide tunnel to create a large field of view. The geometry of the magnet has been optimized to reduce patient anxiety by providing more space in the tunnel and extending the range of examinations where the patient's head can be outside the magnet. The 50 cm field of view provides uncompromising image quality and reduces examination time as large anatomy can be covered in fewer scan steps. If we add to the above the powerful active shielding system created by GE, we can conclude that the Optima MR450w is an extremely versatile system that can be installed in almost any institution. With zero evaporation technology, the need for helium charging of the magnet is minimized, reducing operating costs and increasing uptime.


  • Redesigned Magnet - All-new 145cm long magnet delivers uniform tissue contrast in a patient-friendly environment;
  • eXtreme Gradient Subsystem - A powerful body imaging gradient subsystem with a 34 mT/m gradient and 150 T/m/s ramp rate per axis for fast, accurate, and highly reproducible scans;
  • OpTix Digital RF Receiver - Exclusive optical RF system enhances signal clarity and intensity for clear, sharp images;
  • RF Coils Optimized for Specific Body Areas – High-density coil elements are positioned around body areas of interest to provide extended coverage and optimal image quality in every procedure when needed;
  • Express Patient Table - A GE-exclusive fully detachable table that minimizes intervals between sessions, increasing departmental productivity;
  • Wide field of view - 50 cm wide field of view allows you to cover large anatomical areas in fewer scans.
  • Unrivaled Breast Imaging Capabilities - With IDEAL and VIBRANT-FLEX applications, no comparable MR scanner is able to capture such large areas of the body so well;
  • Visualization of the entire spine by merging two sections - you can get an image of the entire spine much faster;
  • Comprehensive Liver Assessment - An industry first MR-Touch PI opens up new diagnostic possibilities with its ability to detect differences in tissue stiffness.

In addition to these possibilities, systems with wide tunnels open up additional avenues for diagnosis and therapy. Expanded patient positioning and access capabilities enable new interventional and surgical procedures.

  • Диаметр апертуры, см - 70
  • Максимальный вес пациента, кг - 200
  • Тип контура - Закрытый
  • Тип аппарата - Высокопольный
  • Тип магнита - Сверхпроводящий
  • Напряженность магнитного поля, Т - 1.5
  • Тип охлаждения - Жидкий гелий
  • Разъемный стол - Да
  • FOV (поле обзора), см - 50
  • Подавление артефактов от движения - Да
  • Максимально поддерживаемое количество РЧ - 32
  • Снижение шумоподавления изображения - Да
  • МР-спектроскопия - Да
  • МР-диффузия - Да
  • МР-перфузия - Да
  • МР-ангиография - Да
  • Кардиоисследования - Да
  • Функциональная МРТ - Да
  • Снижение акустического шума - Да

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