Компьютерный томограф GE Healthcare Revolution Discovery CT


GE Healthcare Revolution Discovery CT

Expert diagnostics beyond traditional approaches to computed tomography. In addition to traditional anatomical analysis, it enables tissue chemistry quantification and advanced functional imaging. Revolution GSI enables standard medical procedures to be performed at the highest level of quality, delivering consistently high imaging resolution and expanding the diagnostic capabilities of a variety of clinical applications. With its help, the CT procedure goes beyond the traditional analysis of anatomical structures, allowing you to obtain quantitative characteristics of tissues and perform advanced functional imaging. More than 15 software applications are currently in use for standard examinations in oncology, cardiology, neurology and urology, as well as standard examinations of the spine, musculoskeletal system and many others.


You and your patients still need low-dose CT imaging, but not at the expense of diagnostic image quality. The Revolution™ Discovery CT System fulfills both of these requirements with a range of clinical benefits.

  • Clarity that boosts confidence

Spatial and temporal resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, low-contrast object detection, and noise reduction are critical to the quality of CT images. The Revolution Discovery CT delivers a breakthrough in diagnostics with best-in-class spatial resolution of 0.23mm across a full 2m1 scan length, 29ms2 temporal resolution. The Smart MAR feature is designed to reveal anatomical details obscured by shadows from metal objects, which helps doctors diagnose diseases more confidently.

  • Possibility of radiation exposure reduction due to iterative reconstruction

As a rule, a decrease in radiation exposure causes an increase in interference and noise in the image, so the balance between image quality and reduction in radiation exposure is difficult to achieve. To help overcome this challenge, Revolution Discovery CT offers three advanced iterative reconstruction technologies: ASiRTM (standard), ASiR-V (optional), and VeoTM (optional) 3.

  • GemstoneTM Spectral Imaging (GSI) helps you make diagnoses with more confidence

GSI transforms CT from a simple tool for evaluating anatomical structures to a tool for quantitative characterization of tissue characteristics and improved visualization of function. Currently, more than 15 software applications are used for standard studies in the field of oncology, cardiology, neurology and urology, as well as for studies of the spine and the musculoskeletal system in general. To learn more about the clinical benefits of GSI, view the GSI Image Gallery and visit the GSI Learning Center.

  • System for expert cardiology

Revolution Discovery CT delivers best-in-class spatial resolution for cardiac CT. At 18.2 pl/cm 4 the system provides an increase in spatial resolution up to 66% compared to similar systems. The optional SnapShotTM Freeze feature is designed to reduce coronary artefacts that cannot be achieved by increasing gantry speed alone. Providing a sixfold improvement while maintaining high spatial resolution, the reduction in motion artifacts corresponds to an equivalent gantry rotation speed of 0.058 s with an effective time resolution of 29 ms2.

  • Think less about the system, more about the patients

The Xtream display shows the patient's name for a more personalized examination. The display also includes many educational videos that explain the CT procedure and can also serve as a distraction for children. In addition, emergency mode allows you to select and confirm patient data, protocol, and scan settings in one step right on the gantry.

  • Dual Energy - Yes
  • Spectral CT - Yes
  • max FOV (field of view), mm - 500
  • Automatic setting kV - Yes
  • Auto setting milliamps/second - Yes
  • Angiography - Yes
  • Virtual Colonoscopy - Yes
  • Total slices (max number) - 256
  • Aperture diameter, cm - 70
  • Heart studies - Yes
  • Number of physical slices - 64
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the tube, seconds / revolution - 0.28
  • Maximum coverage area per revolution, mm - 40
  • Maximum patient weight, kg - 250
  • Minimum cut thickness, mm - 0.625
  • Generator power, kW - 103
  • Gantry slope, °30.-30
  • Perfusion - Yes
  • Radiotherapy planning - No
  • Radiation exposure reduction - Yes
  • Scopy Technology - Yes
  • Removal of artifacts from metal - Yes

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