Компьютерный томограф GE Healthcare Optima CT660


Optima CT660 system

A high-end, powerful CT scanner that provides expert medical care. It provides high-resolution imaging at optimal radiation exposure, with no age or weight restrictions for patients in a wide range of procedures, including cardiac, angiographic, orthopedic, brain, thoracic cells, abdominal cavity. Optima CT660 is an optimization of radiation exposure in patients of any size and age with fast high-quality data collection in a wide range of procedures: chest, angiography, abdominal cavity, cardiology, orthopedics, brain studies, etc. The scanner is distinguished by its ergonomics, which allow doctors to radiologists and X-ray lab technicians to effectively improve their workflow. The small dimensions of the scanner make it possible to install the system in a room with a limited area. The modular design of the device allows you to adjust the characteristics to meet the needs and capabilities of the medical institution, which can be expanded as needed.


  • Intuitive console;
  • High quality visualization;
  • Protocols in one touch;
  • Optidose technology - reduction of radiation exposure at the level of the radiation source;
  • Volume Image Space Reconstruction (VISR) image-level reconstruction techniques improve image quality at reduced radiation exposure;
  • Detector 40 mm with a time of one revolution of 0.35 sec;
  • Up to 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions when in power saving mode;
  • 32-64-128-slice axial reconstruction and AELA+ technology for better visual reproduction;
  • ASiR technology and ODM+ function for low dose studies;
  • VISR+ technology for pixel noise reduction (measured by standard deviation);
  • DEXUS workspace and thin client feature for a seamless workflow;
  • Emergency examination with simplification of the diagnostic process;
  • Ability to display small structures in detail;
  • Minimal noise during cardiac and other studies requiring high rotational speeds;
  • Retains accuracy when examining overweight patients.

Areas of use

  • Emergency - Scan in one pass with high diagnostic image quality and recover images in real time
  • Oncology - identify, characterize and quantify lesions.
  • Angiography: Expanded range of options for dynamic CT angiography and functional examinations.
  • Perfusion: double the coverage at a lower dose.
  • Opportunities in Cardiology - Cardiology examinations are obtained the first time with the help of features such as protocols for the use of personal data (SnapShot Assist) and easier diagnosis (SnapShot Freeze).
  • Satisfactory low-dose imaging performance – diagnostic image quality for reliable diagnoses at reduced dose.
  • Simplicity - Easy to use, default patient positioning to reduce manual positioning work, semi-automated post-processing to improve workflow.
  • Patient Care and Convenience – An enhanced table design and a user-friendly console allow patient information to be confirmed and scans to be programmed in the scanning room.
  • Angiography - Yes
  • Number of physical slices - 64
  • Total slices (max number) - 128
  • Minimum cut thickness, mm - 0.625
  • max FOV (field of view), mm - 500
  • Aperture diameter, cm - 70
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the tube, seconds / revolution - 0.35
  • Maximum coverage area per revolution, mm - 40
  • Maximum patient weight, kg - 250
  • Generator power, kW - 72
  • Gantry slope, ° - 30.-30
  • Radiation exposure reduction - Yes
  • Perfusion - yes
  • Heart studies - Yes
  • Virtual Colonoscopy - Yes
  • Removal of artifacts from metal - Yes
  • Dual Energy - No
  • Spectral CT - No
  • Radiotherapy planning - No
  • Scopy technology - No
  • Auto setting milliamps/second - Yes
  • Automatic setting kV - No

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