Компьютерный томограф GE Healthcare Discovery RT


Computed tomograph GE Healthcare Discovery RT

Discovery RT is a 16/32-slice radiotherapy CT system with streamlined workflow and submillimeter thickness images free of metal and motion artifacts. The system provides full data collection and imaging across the entire aperture diameter without missing a single detail.


For the first time, MaxFOV technology delivers edge-to-edge coverage without blind spots and delivers CT images with specified distance and density. And MicroVoxel thin-slice reconstruction technology delivers precise contours. The use of a high power X-ray source also helps to produce high quality images with excellent contrast. MaxFOV technology uses GE Healthcare's patented algorithms to collect data beyond the reach of standard algorithms to get a complete edge-to-edge picture of everything inside the CT aperture. With a 100kW generator and a slice thickness of 0.625mm, our exclusive microVoxel technology produces superior 2D and 3D images by optimized slice thickness selection with millimeter precision and reconstruction to individual voxel size.


The Smart Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) algorithm is designed to eliminate artifacts from high-density materials such as orthopedic implants, dental fillings, and other metal objects. Our metal artifact reduction technology is based on raw data to reduce artifacts associated with photon depletion and radiation hardness. Smart Deviceless 4D technology enables breath-based synchronization without the use of external devices, streamlining your workflow by at least half the manual steps of a traditional workflow.


AdvancedSim MD software increases productivity with easy-to-operate 4D viewing and simulation, and its unlimited versatility that allows you to use different types of visualization data for planning. In the new version, the functions of automatic segmentation and making changes to planning are available. The AW Server gives you access to a complete suite of radiation therapy planning applications, wherever you are.

  • Dual Energy - No
  • Spectral CT - No
  • max FOV (field of view), mm - 600
  • Automatic setting kV - No
  • Auto setting milliamps/second - Yes
  • Angiography - Yes
  • Virtual Colonoscopy - Yes
  • Total slices (max number) - 32
  • Aperture diameter, cm - 80
  • Heart studies - No
  • Number of physical slices - 16
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the tube, seconds / revolution - 0.4
  • Maximum coverage area per revolution, mm - 20
  • Maximum patient weight, kg - 250
  • Minimum cut thickness, mm - 0.625
  • Generator power, kW - 100
  • Gantry slope, °30.-30
  • Perfusion - No
  • Radiotherapy planning - Yes
  • Radiation exposure reduction - Yes
  • Scopy Technology - Yes
  • Removal of artifacts from metal - Yes

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