Инфузионный насос Mindray BeneFusion VP5


Mindray BeneFusion VP5

A one-stop solution for all clinical applications thanks to its comprehensive functionality, high accuracy, reliability, safety and intuitive interface.


  • Safety

Anti-bolus function - when the clamp signal is triggered, it moves some amount of fluid in the opposite direction, reducing the volume that can harm the patient. The device does not allow liquid to escape unintentionally due to the anti-siphon design that blocks the lead screw. The pump clamp automatically clamps the infusion tube when the door is opened to avoid large volumes of fluid being delivered. The ultrasonic sensor detects air bubbles as small as 50 microns, preventing them from entering the body. Five levels of bubble detection can be set depending on your needs.

  • Exhaustive functionality

BeneFusion VP5 / VP5 Ex infusion pumps have a large number of infusion modes. The titration function allows you to change the flow rate without turning off the pump. The memory function saves the parameters of the previous infusion, if they have not changed, you can not reconfigure them. Up to 2000 infusion messages are stored for patient statistics analysis.

  • Ease of use and intuitive interface

Thanks to the horizontal design of the BeneFusion VP5 / VP5 Ex infusion pumps, multiple units can be stacked on top of each other. Battery life is 9 hours, charging only 6 hours. On a large (3.5-inch) color monitor, all parameters are visible without entering the menu and from a great distance. Screen brightness is adjustable. There are three alarm levels and 8 volume levels, a bright large alarm lamp is visible from afar.


  • Safety
  • Exhaustive functionality.
  • Ease of use and intuitive interface.
  • Modes


  • Body mass
  • Enlarge/Reduce
  • Consistent
  • Microinfusion


  • Automatic calculation of feed rate in various modes.
  • Stop infusion/standby: the set parameters are saved.
  • The drug library includes up to 2000 items, it can be turned on and off; In user-defined drug list mode, you can add or remove drugs.
  • Saving up to 2000 records in the archive, the ability to transfer data to a PC.
  • Titration function: changing the flow rate in steps of 0.01 ml/h.

physical characteristics

  • Overall W×H×D: 245 x 87 x 174 (mm)
  • Weight: Less than 2.5 kg, stackable
  • Classification: Type CF, Defibrillation Proof, Class I


  • Screen: 3.5 inch 16:9 color TFT LCD
  • Brightness: 8 levels adjustable, default level 4
  • Information: Delivery rate, infusion progress, infusion volume (VTBI), total volume, infusion set brand, pressure limit, battery capacity, drugs, time remaining, alarms
  • CPU Type: Dual Core CPU

infusion set

  • Built-in support for over 20 brands of drippers, customizable
  • Automatic dropper brand recognition
  • Complies with GB 8368-2005 standard; diameter 3.5–4.5 mm, thickness 0.8–1.2 mm

Main characteristics

  • Modes: Speed, Time, Body Weight, Increase/Decrease, Sequential, Microinfusion
  • Feed rate: 0.1-2000ml/h
  • Step: 0.01 ml (0.1-99.99 ml/h); 0.1 ml (100–999.9 ml/h); 1 ml (1000–2000 ml/h)
  • Target volume: (VTBI) 0.10-9999.99 ml (0.01 ml increments)
  • Set time: 00:00:01–99:59:59 (h:m:s), configurable
  • Total volume: 0-9999.99 ml
  • KVO: 0.1-5.0 ml/h adjustable, 0.1 ml/h increments, default 1.0 ml/h
  • Purge: 0.10 - 2000 ml/h


  • Flow rate ≥1ml/h ±3%
  • Flow rate <1 ml/h ±5%


  • Manual bolus rate: 0.1-2000 ml/h, default 800 ml/h
  • Bolus Rate Programmable: 0.1-2000 ml/h
  • Target bolus volume in programmed mode: 0.10-9999.99 ml

Spectrum of functions

  • Automatic calculation of feed rate in various modes
  • Stop infusion/standby: the set parameters are saved
  • The drug library includes up to 2000 items, it can be turned on and off; user-defined drug list mode allows you to add or remove drugs
  • Saving up to 2000 records in the archive, the ability to transfer data to a PC
  • Titration function: changing the flow rate in steps of 0.01 ml/h
  • Language: Russian, English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese

Safety system

  • Clamp pressure: 4 pressure units: mmHg st., kPa, bar, lbf/sq. inch (psi) automatic conversion to other units, default is mmHg. Art. 11 levels of clamping pressure, from 150 to 975 mmHg Art., with a measurement accuracy of ± 20%, by default - 450 mm Hg. Art.
  • Auto Data Lock Enabled/Disabled, "ON": Available Values: 1-5 min, 1 min increments, Disabled by default
  • Air sensor Volume: 50 µl minimum, 5 levels available: 50 µl, 100 µl, 250 µl, 500 µl, 800 µl, default 100 µl, Accuracy: ±20%
  • Alarm: the volume of a single bubble or the total volume of bubbles in 15 minutes reaches the maximum permissible level
  • Anti-bolus feature Automatic bolus volume reduction after pressure alarm

Signal type

  • Visual and audio signals
  • Loud: Clamping, battery low, infusion volume set, bubbles present
  • air, door opening, end of K mode
  • VO (open vein), system error
  • Medium: reminder, low battery, system anomalies
  • Silent: set infusion volume almost completed, timed out, power outage

Signal intensity:

  • 8 volume levels, default level 4
  • Preliminary signals: 1-30 minutes before the end of the solution in the syringe, 3 minutes before the end of the battery charge, within 30 minutes - low battery
  • Reminder : Ability to turn on and off
  • "ON": Available values ​​are 1-5 minutes, in 1-minute increments


  • Duration of work: more than 9 hours at 25 ml / h
  • Recharge time: up to 6 hours to full charge


  • RS232
  • Nurse call connector
  • Power supply connector

Source of power

  • 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.53-0.28A; DC voltage: 10-16V, 2.25-1.5A

Environmental Requirements

  • Temperature: Operating temperature: 5-40 ºC, storage temperature: -20-60 ºC
  • Humidity: Operating: 15-95%, Storage: 10-95%
  • Air Pressure: Operating: 57-106 kPa, Storage: 50-106 kPa
  • Waterproof: IP23
  • Service life: At least 5 years subject to continuous operation

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