Инфузионный насос Mindray BeneFusion eVP


BeneFusion eVP

Has a 3.5" color touch screen with a wide viewing angle.
Ability to select infusion delivery: speed modes, open vein time, etc.
The device can be used for adults and children, and its quick start-up ensures immediate administration of the drug, which can play a decisive role in the treatment of children.
There are modes “Speed”, “Body weight”, “Time”, “Increase/decrease”, “Microinfusion” and “Sequential”.
High efficiency of the workflow is ensured thanks to an intuitive, friendly interface.
SmartRapid™ technology ensures timely infusion by significantly reducing start-up time, from the moment the pump is turned on until the drug is administered.
SmartAIR™ technology significantly improves IV safety.
Dual ultrasonic sensor for more accurate detection of air bubbles, which eliminates the possibility of non-activation or false alarms about air in the line. Detection and filtration of 15 µl bubbles.

  • Classification - IP33
  • Dimensions, mm - 210x140x73
  • Weight, kg - 1.7
  • Peristaltic module type with support for docking pumps into a docking station - yes
  • Memory of recent events in real time, pcs. - 3500
  • Number of occlusion pressure levels - 15
  • Menu interface in Russian - yes
  • Display with adjustable contrast or brightness - yes
  • Minimum infusion rate, ml/h - 0.1
  • Maximum infusion rate, ml/h - 2300
  • Infusion accuracy, % - ± 5
  • Minimum step for setting the infusion rate, ml/h - 0.01
  • Minimum infusion volume, ml - 0.1
  • Maximum infusion volume, ml - 9999.99
  • Minimum step for setting the infusion volume, ml - 0.01
  • Changing the speed without stopping the infusion - yes
  • Options for setting infusion: Speed mode, time mode, sequential mode - yes
  • Open vein mode - yes
  • "Pause" or "Standby" mode - yes
  • Protection function against unintentional bolus (Antibolus function) - yes
  • Enteral administration of solutions - yes
  • Bolus mode - yes
  • Dosage calculation – yes

General characteristics of the pump

  • Battery life, h - 11 for smart battery
  • Maximum battery charging time, hours - 6 hours for a smart battery
  • Possibility of combining 4,8,12 pumps into a station - yes

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