Инфузионный насос BBraun Infusomat FMS


Volumetric infusion pump Infusomat FMS

The basic model of infusion pumps from B.Braun. A well-thought-out interface, an automated security system, the clarity of the display of parameters on the screen and the accuracy of fluid injection - all these characteristics make the device the best solution for medical institutions. Most often, the device is used in intensive care units and anesthesiology. It can be used to deliver drugs intravenously, as well as provide enteral and parenteral nutrition.

Main advantages:

  • Pause mode with saving parameters with a countdown timer for the duration of the pause.
  • Keypad lock feature.
  • Information about the set and injected volume in real time.
  • Audible and visual alarm for key patient safety parameters.
  • Free flow prevention system.
  • Pause function with saving parameters, with countdown timer (1 min ... 99 h 59 min).
  • Antibolus feature.
  • Keypad lock feature.
  • List of medicines up to 9 names.
  • Possibility of mounting on a rack, rail or placement on a bedside table.
  • The pump can be integrated into the infusion control system and FM-Intensive workstations.
  • Individual selection of the type of bolus infusion: bolus dosage "on demand" by pressing and holding the button with simultaneous indication of the bolus amount on the screen of the device, presetting the bolus volume and its administration by pressing the button once, automatic delivery of the bolus after a set time interval.


  • Dose Calculation: Automatic conversion to ml/h when entering data in mcg/mg/1U/mmol per kg/min/h/24h, input of parameters taking into account
  • Pause mode: Max, duration 24 hours with saving previously entered parameters
  • Preperat selection: display up to 9 items
  • Connection with a computer: through a special cable
  • Drip sensor switch-off: in combination with preset injection volume
  • Data lock: lock of all buttons to prevent unauthorized changes to infusion parameters
  • Battery charge visualization: per hour and min

Safety options:

  • Breaker to prevent free current when the door is opened.
  • Air sensor to reduce the risk of air entering the system.
  • Setting of pressure levels for fast reaction at occlusion.
  • Visual and acoustic alarms.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) - 140 x 240 x 200 mm
  • Weight - 3.1 kg
  • Power supply main / low voltage - 230 V, 0.06 A, 50-60 Hz / 12 V
  • Battery life - more than 3.5 hours at maximum injection rate
  • Infusion rate - 0.1-999.9 ml / hour, step 0.1 ml
  • Set infusion volume - 1-9999.9 ml
  • Set infusion time - 0-99 hours 59 minutes
  • Dose calculation - automatic conversion to ml/hour when entering mcg/mg/IE/mmol per min/hour/24 hours, taking into account the weight of patients
  • Infusion accuracy - ±5% over a period of more than 96 hours (with the original line of the infusion line Infusomat)
  • Bolus Modes - On Demand Bolus, Preset Volume Bolus, Interval Bolus (max. 99 hours 59 minutes)
  • Bolus infusion rate - 1-999.9 ml/hour
  • Bolus volume - 0.1-99.9/500 ml
  • Occlusion pressure level - 3 levels - 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.2 bar

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