Hemostatic liquid Gemoblock dent

Hemostatic liquid Gemoblock DENT

Hemostatic fluid for dental practice
15 ml
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2 years
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Hemostatic liquid Hemblock Dent to apply in dentistry

Dentists of any profile in everyday practice faces the problem of stopping bleeding caused by
carrying out a variety of manipulations. To quickly and effectively eliminate this complication has been developed
dental hemostatic liquid Hemoblock DENT, which has been proven in General.

The Composition of Hemoblock Dent

The main component of hemostatic fluid is incomplete silver salt of polyacrylic acid.

The main properties

Local hemostatic, bactericidal and bacteriostatic and mild analgesic. Hemostatic action occurs due to the formation of an insoluble polymer complex on the surface of the wound. Dissolved silver particles have pronounced antimicrobial properties and effectively fight most pathogens.

  •  Non-toxic
  •  Does not show irritating, toxic, resorptive action
  •  Does not affect negatively the tissues in contact with it
  •  No need to rinse the solution
  •  Has no age restrictions for use
  •  Hemostatic effect is achieved quickly, repeated bleeding is absent

 The result of the use of Hemoblock DENT on a bleeding wound is to stop capillary bleeding to form a smooth elastic surface-a convenient field for further treatment.

Application of Hemoblock Dent in dentistry

  •  After the removal of dental plaque
  •  When retracting the gums
  •  In case of dental implantation
  •  When teeth are removed
  • Bottle with liquid and cap-pipette -15 ml
  • Cotton pellets -1 pack
  • Instructions for use - 1 pc

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