GE Healthcare Optima CT520


Computed tomograph Optima CT520

Will allow you to change your vision of modern CT. In X-ray angiography, efficient work with proven IQ Enhance technology helps increase helix pitch to 50 slices while maintaining coverage speed. In oncology examinations, high image quality, fast and fast data acquisition, and the ability to optimize radiation exposure help to identify and evaluate small pathological changes and track them over time, as well as provide a detailed assessment of tumor growth. A fresh take on modern interventional imaging techniques with real-time reconstruction and on-screen data comes from SmartView Fluoro technology, which delivers a nominal image lag of just 0.20 seconds and provides the level of confidence required for interventions.


  • Vascular research and oncology. Efficient and accurate diagnostics

The Optima CT520 delivers efficient angiography with proven IQ Enhance technology. IQ Enhance technology increases the pitch of the helical scan and allows you to perform exams with the same coverage rate as a 50-slice CT system. With this technology, it is possible to capture the arterial phase while providing the spatial resolution needed to accurately visualize small vessels and quantify stenosis. Thus, IQ Enhance helps to improve the balance between speed and image quality. For ease of use, the integrated Xtream injector allows you to synchronize the start of the injection and the start of the scan. Superb 3D images, automated bone removal from images, and one-click vascular tracing make it easy to process and share data with primary care physicians or vascular surgeons.

  • More information in CT examinations

CT is one of the most powerful and versatile imaging modalities in the fight against cancer at all stages, from diagnosis to treatment planning and monitoring. The Optima CT520 system allows you to clearly see the anatomical structures and lesions, create a more complete diagnostic picture with optimized radiation exposure. High-quality images, a streamlined workflow, fast acquisition speed, and radiation dose optimization help you identify and evaluate small lesions, follow them over time, or conduct a detailed assessment of tumor growth.

  • Interventional CT

The Optima CT520 system opens up completely new perspectives for interventional procedures. SmartView Fluoro technology combines advanced visualization techniques with real-time reconstruction and display. A nominal imaging delay of just 0.20 seconds provides the confidence you need for CT-guided interventions such as needle biopsy, lung biopsy, retroperitoneal lymph node biopsy, drainage procedures, pain management, and ablation. You will know exactly where the needle is at any time - and you can even adjust the position of the needle according to your breathing. Fast display of images on the display as you move the needle will allow you to accurately position it.

  • Optimization with the Optima system

GE, the undisputed leader in radiation exposure reduction technologies, continues to develop important dose optimization features and implement them across platforms. The Optima CT520 system includes a host of tools to help clinicians manage radiation exposure while maintaining diagnostic image quality.

  • ASIR Technology

In common practice, reducing the dose of radiation leads to an increase in the level of noise (standard deviation for pixels) and the number of artifacts in the images. GE's pioneering adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction technology, ASiR, solves this problem by removing noise, not just masking it. At the same time, ASiR technology improves image quality by improving low-contrast resolution. This helps to significantly reduce radiation exposure (by up to 40%) without sacrificing image quality.

  • VISR technology

VISR 3D Reconstruction technology offers a 3D filter that suppresses noise without compromising resolution, facilitating crisp imaging in neurology, oncology, and pediatrics. With the VISR 3D filter, the scanner provides up to 20% improvement in image quality with the same dose, or the same image quality with up to 36% reduction in dose.

  • Improving CT Image Quality

The Optima CT520 incorporates the best technology from previous GE platforms; First of all, the innovative IQ Enhance algorithm should be mentioned. Other advanced solutions to help improve image quality and data efficiency include:

  • Angiography - Yes
  • Number of physical slices - 16
  • Total slices (max number) - 16
  • Minimum cut thickness, mm - 0.625
  • max FOV (field of view), mm - 500
  • Aperture diameter, cm - 70
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the tube, seconds / revolution - 0.5
  • Maximum coverage area per revolution, mm - 20
  • Maximum patient weight, kg - 227
  • Generator power, kW - 53
  • Gantry slope, ° - 30.-30
  • Radiation exposure reduction - Yes
  • Perfusion - No
  • Heart studies - No
  • Virtual Colonoscopy - Yes
  • Removal of artifacts from metal - Yes
  • Dual Energy - No
  • Spectral CT - No
  • Radiotherapy planning - No
  • Scopy technology - No
  • Auto setting milliamps/second - Yes
  • Automatic setting kV - no
  • Manufacturer - GE Healthcare
  • Housing type - stationary
  • Support - DICOM yes
  • Hard disk, GB - 72
  • Weight, kg - 1770
  • Dimensions, cm - 193 x 204 x 102
  • Generator, kW - 42
  • Digital/analogue - digital
  • Maximum patient weight, kg - 205
  • Table height - 44.1 - 99.1 cm
  • Type - KT
  • Construction - closed
  • Scan field length - 140

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