Final drill stop

Final drill stop

Single-use devices made of autoclavable material, with various diameters and heights according to the drills onto which they are to be mounted and the length of the implant to be inserted
Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE
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When preparing an implant site, in order to exploit all of the quantity of vertical bone and to safeguard the anatomical respect zones, (maxillary sinus, lower alveolar nerve, etc) it is fundamentally important to control the  perforation depth when using the drills.
Visual control of the marking on the drill in some situations is not immediate.
The mechanical stop, contrary to the visual stop, guarantees perfect control of the intended depth without damaging anatomical respect zones.

Absolute safety maximum simplicity Before using the DRILL CONTROL KIT, ensure you have a GEASS®  drill supplied with base ring.

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