Двухканальный шприцевой насос Mindray BeneFusion SP3D


Two-channel syringe pump Mindray BeneFusion SP3D

The BeneFusioni SP3D dual-channel syringe pump is a modern medical equipment designed to provide first aid to patients.


  • The equipment is equipped with two handles - visible and built-in. This greatly simplifies the process of transporting the syringe pump if necessary. The design is lightweight and can be carried by one person.
  • The pump is powered offline. The device itself manages all power indicators, guaranteeing energy savings and reducing the risk of interference.
  • The equipment is equipped with a four-level alarm, which promptly warns medical personnel about an increase or decrease in pressure. Such systems are especially effective in neonatal medicine and can be used in newborns.
  • The syringe pump has an anti-bolus function.
  • The equipment can be started instantly, which is especially important when providing emergency care to patients.
  • The display of the device constantly displays information about the drug that is being administered at a given time.
  • The instrument is equipped with an automatic relay function. This guarantees a constant infusion process, eliminating the possibility of stopping the procedure.


  • This type of medical equipment combines the characteristics of ease of use and maximum reliability. The equipment can be used in maternity wards, children's and adult intensive care units, general therapeutic departments, operating rooms, and ambulances. Specialists can independently regulate the rate of receipt of drugs in each case.
  • The pump determines the volume of installed syringes automatically. It combines well with syringes from different manufacturers, guarantees a wide range of injection rates. Personnel alarm systems can also vary (sound or light) on a case-by-case basis.
  • The use of the BeneFusioni SP3D as a medical device guarantees maximum infusion accuracy. The error of the device is no more than 2% up or down.


  • To ensure maximum safety, the BeneFusioni SP3D Dual Channel Syringe Pump is equipped with several convenient alarms. The device will modernly warn medical personnel about malfunctions in the operation of equipment, about a drop in battery charge to a critical minimum, about exceeding the speed of infusion, about an emergency shutdown, about the fact that a drug is running low in syringes, and much more.
  • The technique is quite economical. Can be used in various operating conditions. Eliminates the possibility of foreign substances entering the syringes: dust, drops of moisture, etc.
  • Country of origin - China
  • Clinical application - anesthesiology, resuscitation, surgery
  • Product type - portable
  • Warranty, month - 12
  • Electric network frequency, Hz - 50-60
  • Mains voltage, V - 100-240
  • Pressure, mm rt. Art. - 300-800
  • Infusion rate, ml/h - 0.1-2000
  • Length, mm - 215
  • Width, mm - 150
  • Height, mm - 130
  • Weight, kg - 1.8

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