Док-станция Mindray BeneFusion DS5 Standart


Mindray BeneFusion DS5 Standard

Bedside station combining from 2 to 24 infusion and syringe pumps. The pumps are easily installed into the slots by hand, without additional tools. It is enough to insert them until they click, and they will be connected to both the power supply and the data exchange. The BeneFusion DS5 comes with just one power cord with no extra wires.


The device has a 3.5-inch screen that displays all the necessary information about the patient, including the total infusion volume and urine volume. System settings can be synchronized via the Internet or manually. Mindray BeneFusion DS5 has a large alarm indicator and a fixed alarm volume. The system allows you to automatically switch all the pumps included in it to day and night modes. BeneFusion DS5 is compatible with a urine flow meter, allowing you to track your fluid balance. You can connect a barcode scanner to automate the loading of recipes. There is no need to turn off the pump to change drugs in case of continuous infusion. BeneFusion DS5 stores up to 2000 data sets and connects to the BeneFusion CS5 Centralized Infusion Management System or directly to CIS/HIS.

  • System for laying the built-in power cord and infusion cannula;
  • The design performs accurate information and electrical connection;
  • Automatic collection of the entire volume of infusions.
  • Ergonomic working unit of the docking station: light weight, integrated power cord and infusion cannula management system, quick connection of pump infusion modules, comfortable handle for transporting the system, horizontal or vertical mounting, hooks for fixing on the patient bed
  • Modular design: the ability to quickly connect from 2 to 24 infusion pumps in any suitable configuration
  • Centralized information processing: data on the infusion from all pumps are received by the working block of the station, with a display on a screen with a diagonal of 3.5”
  • Integrated data collection and transmission function, including connection to CIS/HIS hospital information networks using Mindray BeneFusion CS5 central monitoring system
  • Possibility of individual adjustment of parameters of work of system and the infusion pumps connected to it
  • Automatic multi-channel relay: continuity of the infusion process, regardless of the order of connection of the pumps; does not require stopping work to change settings; constant plasma and drug concentrations; reduction in the number of possible emergency situations, including the problem of emergency drug loading

3.5" color screen and large alarm lamp on top;
Automatic multi-channel relay;
Connection to CIS/HIS or other systems via central monitoring system;
All real-time monitoring data is sent to the server in HTML format;
The handle located on top for convenience when transporting;
Hook for attaching the device near the bed.

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