Mindray SV600

Optimized operating modes, ultra-precise touch controls, and a built-in PulmoSight 1080P color display for patient monitoring provide clinicians with a complete set of ventilator tools with real-time patient monitoring. All this is possible thanks to the Mindray SV800/SV600 expert ventilator system, which has set new quality standards for versatile units designed for intensive care and intensive care units. The Mindray SV800/SV600 ventilator is a premium device. It can operate in emergency mode, for which it is equipped with a ventilation system and a built-in battery. Thus, the patient will be safe in any scenario. The device is compatible with both existing technical network solutions, including eGateway and BeneLink, as well as Mindray's advanced developments. The neonatal module with a tidal volume of 2 ml is designed for specialized infant life support, which distinguishes this device from most similar units.

Decision support tools

  • Intelligent ventilation solution: AMV + IntelliCycle;
  • Emergency solution: CPRV TM;
  • Sequential treatment regimen: non-invasive ventilation and high-flow oxygen therapy;
  • Lung Protection Kit.

Expandable Features

  • Built-in neonatal module with adjustable tidal volume up to 2 ml;
  • Plug & Play modules including SpO2, CO2 in mainstream or sidestream;
  • Reserve air supply in case of failure of the central air conditioning system and during transportation within the hospital;
  • Seamless connection to the hospital's clinical information system via Mindray BeneLink and eGateway modules or directly via HL7.

Ventilation modes

  • Invasive V-A/C, P-A/C, V-SIMV, P-SIMV, CPAP/PSV, PRVC, PRVC-SIMV, DuoLevel, APRV, VS, AMV and CPRV;
  • Non-invasive CPAP/PSV, P-A/C and PSV-S/T.


  • 15.6" TFT touch screen;
  • Customizable interface to further enhance the comfort and efficiency of patient care;
  • Advanced ventilation modes provide effective care for newborns, children and adults;
  • Supports high-flow oxygen therapy, non-invasive ventilation, and invasive ventilation;
  • Built-in neonatal module with a tidal volume of only 2 ml;
  • Removable and autoclavable exhalation and inhalation valves;
  • Lung protection kit including Vt/IBW, C20/C, low flow PV tool and lung kit tool;
  • Regular maintenance does not require any tools;
  • Backup air supply in case of air supply failure;
  • Connection to Mindray patient monitors via BeneLink integration module;
  • Seamless connection to third party clinical information systems via Mindray BeneLink and eGateway modules or directly via HL7.
  • Тип привода - пневматический компрессорного типа, встроенная резервная турбина
  • Дыхательный объем - от 2 до 4000 мл
  • Пиковый поток - до 180л/мин при работе от компрессора, до 210 л/мин при работе от встроенной турбины
  • Режимы вентиляции - VCV, PCV, V-SIMV, P-SIMV, PSV, Duolevel, APRV, PRVC, NIV, CPAP/PSV, PRVC-SIMV, AMV и CPRV
  • Функции автоматической настройки параметров вентиляции - AMV и IntelliCycle
  • Инструмент визуализации - PulmoSight
  • Возможность мониторинга - SpO2
  • Съемный автоклавируемый клапан вдоха/выдоха - наличие
  • Встроенный небулайзер - наличие
  • Категория пациентов - взрослые/дети/новорожденные (опция)
  • Регулируемый сенсорный дисплей - диагональ 15 дюймов
  • Одновременное отображение до 5 кривых или 2 петель
  • Память - запись состояния пациента на 96 часов, журнал на 5000 событий
  • Батарея - на 90 мин работы, с дополнительной батареей до 180 мин. работы
  • Опции -  высокопоточная оксигенотерапия, компенсация сопротивления дыхательной трубки ATRC, инструмент PV tools, капнометрия в основном/боковом потоке, индикаторы отлучения от ИВЛ (готовности к экстубации), тест на спонтанное дыхание SBT

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