Аппарат ИВЛ GE Healthcare Carescape R860


GE Carescape R860 ventilator

Provides quick access to data, has professional options for respiratory support. Allows you to select the desired screen depending on your needs - from basic data to displaying trends and clinical data. Intuitive user interface from the first click. Simplifies daily work and is suitable for newborns, children and adults.


New Carescape platform in R860. User interface with easy access to the necessary functions with the ability to focus on patients. From providing respiratory support to monitoring, the needs of users are realized, regardless of experience and position. If you move between the workspace, the specified parameters will be displayed.

  • Alarms;
  • Display touch 15";
  • Built-in controller and keyboard;
  • There is a module compartment for monitoring DP (option);
  • Inspiratory protection;
  • Blocked fan;
  • Mounting in the form of "dovetail" for additional devices (on 2 sides);
  • All wheels can be blocked.


  • Functional residual EL. This has been given close attention. Safe VL tools in Carescape R860 that calculate FOEL and provide all the data to determine positive end expiratory pressure;
  • The device will offer perfect tools for calorimetric measurements, not for calculations. The presence of measurements for metabolism in the Carescape R860 will help clinicians reduce the possibility of infection and reduce ICU stays;
  • The gas module from GE Healthcare will measure inhaled and exhaled gases. All obtained data is used by the medical staff to assess individual dietary needs;
  • Prolonged mechanical ventilation can lead to many complications for the patient's health, and hospital costs after that. The built-in artificial VL mode - SBT - will allow medical personnel to conduct tests and provide continuous trending and documentation of results to evaluate changes in tests. The ease of searching and reviewing the medical history will let you know when the patient can be transferred to spontaneous breathing.

Workspaces - past (left), present and future (right)

  • Past - trends (graphic and numerical, logs and trends with snapshots);
  • Present - state (basic indicators, extended chart, split screen, ability to create a graph);
  • Future (Controls) - Clinical Solutions (Spontaneous Breathing Testing, Functional Residual EL, Spirometry and Metabolism Calculation).

Safe lung ventilation

  • An integrated approach to safe overhead lines
  • The lungs are a fragile and vulnerable organ. High tidal volume and/or pressure during mechanical ventilation can be harmful to patients who have lung disease.
  • GE has developed strategies for safe ventilation that will provide adequate support for each area of ​​the lung (against atelectasis, keep the lungs open, PEEP, and others)
  • You can learn from the specialists of our company all the necessary functions and options of the Carescape R860 device. They will answer all your questions and select a complete set based on your requests.
  • Additional option for newborns
  • For newborn patients, the requirements for VL are as different as possible. It was very important for GE to use the option for newborns, given their physiological characteristics.
  • The Carescape R860 ventilator is proven to be effective in treating vulnerable patients. There is a color coding for IT of newborns. Also, special modes were provided, which made it possible to transfer newborns from mechanical VL to spontaneous breathing.
  • Spontaneous breathing support enabled the Volume Support mode, and the nCPAP (rate and pressure customization) mode will provide non-invasive support and prevent the need for intubation.
  • Thanks to the split screen in Carescape, it is possible to view spirometry data in 4 areas, and display up to 4 waveforms and 7 measurement results.
  • Any needs of newborns are taken into account in the fine tuning of the VL and will allow expanding therapy.

Physical Specifications


Height: 48.85 cm/19.2 in (Display down) 73.8 cm/29.1 in (Display up)

Height including cart: 126.82 cm/49.9 in (Display down) 151.77 cm/59.8 in (Display up)

Width: 38 cm/15 in Depth: 36 cm/14 in

Weight: 31 kg/68.0 lb (not including cart); 78 kg/171.2 lb (including cart)

Display motion Vertical tilt: 162.1° in raised position 47.6° in lowered position Height adjustment: 24.95 cm/9.8 in

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