Ventilator Savina 300 Select

Combines a simple and intuitive interface with high-quality mechanical ventilation. Modern turbine drive technology provides independence from the centralized gas supply system. The device is also extremely convenient to use during intrahospital transportation of patients to mechanical ventilation. The Savina 300 Select meets the ventilation needs of even the most critical patients, combining exceptional ease of operation and maintenance with flexibility of use. A variety of functions and accessories allows you to use the device for both children and adults. The new device has features that support protective ventilation strategies. Equipped with a set of tools for weaning the patient from mechanical ventilation, the Savina 300 device provides a smooth transition from breathing with the help of the device to spontaneous breathing.


  • Advanced ventilation for critically ill patients (including PC-APRV, VC-MMV, AutoFlow modes);
  • A wide range of trigger settings and precise adjustments of ventilation parameters allow ventilation for children with a tidal volume of 20 ml or more;
  • Automatic tube compensation ATC reduces the work of breathing for intubated patients on spontaneous breathing;
  • Patient safety and comfort with AutoFlow for volume-guaranteed ventilation at the lowest possible pressure;
  • Advanced Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) with very fast patient response time available in any ventilation mode;
  • Advanced respiratory therapy analysis with loops, trends, and advanced data capture;
  • High performance built-in turbine with a maximum continuous inspiratory flow of 250 l/min;
  • Flow recirculation system and the ability to quickly change the inspiratory flow rate in response to the patient's respiratory needs;
  • Free spontaneous breathing in any phase of the respiratory cycle thanks to the active exhalation valve and the concept of "free breathing";
  • 8 years turbine warranty;
  • Function of automatic check of the device at inclusion provides its fast readiness for work;
  • Safe and fast initial start of ventilation thanks to the preset start configuration taking into account parameters of the patient;
  • Intuitive interface for quick parameter setting and easy access to functions;
  • Standardized user interface reduces learning time and ensures ease of use;
  • Fast processing of alarms for immediate response to emergency situations;
  • Up to 5 hours of independent ventilation due to built-in and additional batteries;
  • Special devices for quick connection of the ventilator to a bed or gurney for comfortable and efficient intrahospital transport;
  • Special transport module for moving the apparatus with cylinders for medical oxygen;
  • Ability to connect an oxygen concentrator for ventilation without connection to a centralized gas supply system;
  • Smooth and sealed surfaces for easy cleaning and disinfection.


  • Intuitive interface provides easy control and quick setup;
  • Wide range of ventilation modes;
  • Advanced graphical capabilities with loops, trends and data logging;
  • Five hours of independent ventilation thanks to built-in and external batteries;
  • Low pressure oxygen input (LPO) for ventilation without centralized gas supply.

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