Ventilator Dräger Savina 300 Classic

Combines the independence and power of a turbine ventilation system with a wide range of ventilation modes. A large color touch screen and an intuitive operating system that focuses on essential functions make it easy to set up and operate the machine. Worldwide, Savina ventilators have provided more than 1.4 billion hours of high-quality ventilation. The Savina 300 Classic has an integrated safety concept that makes it a reliable partner. It is designed to ventilate even the most critically ill patients, yet is flexible enough to be used in virtually any department in your clinic.


  • NIV in all ventilation modes serves to prevent or delay intubation, reduce the risks associated with intubation 1, 2;
  • Precise and sensitive trigger reduces the effort expended on breathing;
  • AutoFlow automatically adapts the pressure level to the changing work of the patient's lungs and provides a guaranteed tidal volume. Protective ventilation of the lungs with PC-AC avoids the use of high pressures;
  • Built-in capnography function provides continuous monitoring of CO2 production;
  • PC-BIPAP/PC-SIMV+3 supports gradual weaning, providing a smoother transition from mechanical ventilation to spontaneous breathing;
  • Open breathing system with AutoFlow option allows the patient to breathe independently in all ventilation modes;
  • Sensitive trigger and fast response to the maximum flow required by the patient helps when using pressure-controlled ventilation;
  • NIV can reduce the risk of re-intubation and infection, as well as reduce length of stay in intensive care units. Sensitive trigger helps improve ventilator-to-patient synchronization
  • Spontaneous breathing thanks to CPAP/PS;
  • Oxygen therapy provides recovery after extubation and non-invasive ventilation.


  • Intuitive interface provides easy control and quick setup;
  • Wide range of ventilation modes;
  • Advanced graphical capabilities with loops, trends and data logging;
  • Five hours of independent ventilation thanks to built-in and external batteries;
  • Low pressure oxygen input (LPO) for ventilation without centralized gas supply.
  • Drive type - Electric
  • Capnometry - Yes
  • Device type - Stationary
  • Age group - For adults and children
  • High frequency ventilation - No
  • Operation - Rotary encoder with push function, buttons
  • Type of ventilation - Invasive, non-invasive
  • Device class - High

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