Evita Infinity V500 ventilator

Modern top-class fan with the widest choice of ventilation modes and unique monitoring capabilities. The device can be used for respiratory therapy in patients of any age, in critical conditions of any severity, including newborns.


  • Combining automatic weaning, respiratory imaging and RFID, the V500 is the smart choice. SmartCare/PS combines an automated, knowledge-based ventilator weaning system with the flexibility of individual therapy through the configuration of weaning parameters. Smart Pulmonary View visualizes breathing function in real time. By transforming the data into usable visuals, this option helps to reduce the burden on staff. Equipped with RFID-based Infinity ID technology, the V500 is ready to use the appropriate Dräger accessories. These innovative technologies, developed by Dräger, make it easier to use the equipment and optimize the workflow both at the department level and within the entire hospital;
  • High-quality therapy during patient transport within the institution - this task is also solved by the V500 device. With the optional GS500 unit, you can equip the machine with its own compressed air source based on turbine technology, while the optional PS500 unit greatly increases the independence of the machine from power sources. An independent transport unit for large oxygen cylinders attaches to the V500 in seconds. The Infinity Technology Transfer Ventilation Parameters feature simplifies transport preparation by copying ventilation parameters simply by switching the breathing circuit to another V500;
  • The scalable design of the V500, with standardized interfaces for plug-in accessories and software updates, allows it to respond to changing patient needs throughout the course of treatment, as well as future evolutions of the Infinity system. Additional Infinity components connected to the system will allow you to achieve a synergistic effect not only in the department, but also at the level of the entire medical institution;
  • Supports in-hospital standardization with other equipment by providing a friendly user interface common to all Infinity Acute Care System products. Standardized interfaces facilitate data exchange, uniform accessories increase flexibility. All your V500 devices can be unified within minutes based on the configuration you create, transferred to a regular USB drive;
  • While the Dräger Evita Infinity V500 with C500 Medical Control Cockpit can be used as a stand-alone high-end ventilator in almost any situation, the V500 is also a component of the Dräger Infinity Acute Care System, a system designed to take intensive care units to new levels of information integration and control.


  • Pulmonary function test maneuver, e.g. in low flow mode (inflection points);
  • Trends in alveolar expansion with each breath (eg, PEEP, EIP, VT, Cdyn);
  • Alveolar opening aids (eg, inspiratory pause, QuickSet);
  • PC-APRV with AutoRelease technology;
  • Volumetric monitoring of CO2 (VCO2, VTCO2, Vds/VTe);
  • Weaning parameters (eg RSB, P0.1, NIF);
  • Automatic weaning procedure with SmartCare/PS;
  • Adjustable pressure support, proportional pressure support, automatic tube resistance compensation;
  • Graphical representation of airway resistance and lung compliance using Smart Pulmonary View;
  • The concept of "free breathing" (AutoFlow, BIPAP, VG);
  • Can be used for neonatal ventilation (minimum tidal volume: 2 ml).
  • Diagonal of the main monitor, inches - 17
  • Main monitor type - TFT
  • Housing type - Mobile
  • Battery External, 100 minutes of operation (option)
  • Weight, kg - 16
  • Dimensions, cm 36 * 34.7 * 42.4
  • Number of ventilation modes - 17
  • Minimum tidal volume, ml - 2
  • Type of IVL - Invasive / Non-invasive
  • Device class - Expert
  • Battery life - 5-6 hours
  • Tidal volume from 20 to 2000 ml
  • Patient categories - Adults, Children, Newborns

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