Dräger Babylog 8000 plus

Gentle and gentle neonatal lung ventilation, focused on supporting spontaneous breathing. The device for artificial ventilation of the lungs of newborns and small children meets the highest needs of the clinic. Precise gas dosing, time control, high frequency breathing option, constant flow option with pressure control (PSV) and volume control (VG), integrated lung function monitoring, automatic adaptation and synchronization with spontaneous breathing in case of gas circuit leaks, 6 rotary regulators.


  • Ventilation in harmony with the newborn. Sensitive and accurate synchronization and continuous adaptation functions together provide the necessary ventilation mode, the optimal effect of spontaneous breathing, and also facilitate the experience of the baby as a result of weaning and protect against negative consequences such as volume trauma or lung collapse;
  • Standard for neonatal ventilation. Ventilation technology can automatically compensate for leaks, and the synchronization of inhalation and exhalation provides greater control over breathing from the baby. Continuous automatic leak compensation maintains optimal respiratory rate;
  • Tidal volume guarantee. Tidal Volume Guarantee combines the benefits of pressure ventilation and volume-controlled ventilation. Here, the stability of the set tidal volume is maintained regardless of the strength of spontaneous breathing or changes in the mechanical properties of the lungs. Tidal Volume Guarantee ensures efficient ventilation while reducing the risk of volumetric trauma;
  • System for nasal СРАР BabyFlow. The Babylog 8000 plus system has all the benefits of non-invasive ventilation with system simplicity (CPAP), designed specifically for the smallest patients. The unique mask design overcomes the shortcomings of the past and provides a stable, atraumatic CPAP regimen;
  • High frequency ventilation. The Dräger Babylog 8000 plus system has a high frequency ventilation (HFV) mode that can be activated at the touch of a button and can be used in conjunction with CPAP or IMV (intermittent mandatory ventilation). The ventilator accurately measures even the weakest tidal volume, allowing therapy to be tailored to the individual patient;
  • Easy operation and ergonomic design. The user oriented high definition monitor shows your choice of data in numeric, graphical, real time or trend data format. The combination of convenient monitoring functions and intelligent alarm functions makes it easy to complete all tasks, allowing the doctor to focus on the child.


  • Highly efficient ventilation. The function of continuous adaptation, sensitive synchronization provide the necessary mode of ventilation, facilitate the experience of the newborn as a result of weaning from the mother, reduce the risk of volume trauma;
  • Convenient user interface;
  • Innovative ventilation technology. Automatic leakage compensation. Synchronization of inhalation / exhalation provide control over breathing from the side of the baby;
  • The BabyFlow Nasal CPAP System is specially designed for the smallest patients. Unique mask design ensures stable, safe CPAP mode;
  • High-definition monitor to display all the necessary parameters in real time;
  • The modular Babylog 8000 system is easy to transport;
  • High frequency ventilation (HFV) mode. The ventilator accurately registers even the weakest tidal volume, allowing therapy to be tailored to the individual patient.
  • Ergonomic design and easy operation;
  • Monitoring of the following parameters: flow, minute and tidal volume, lung function (resistance, compliance, time constant), FiO2, inspiratory oxygen concentration, airway pressure (peak, average, max=99 mbar);
  • Ability to display flow and pressure graphical curves, graphical trends for six parameters;
  • Intelligent alarm system (sound and text): airway pressure, tidal volume, expiratory minute volume, apnea alarm, high spontaneous breathing rate, inspiratory oxygen concentration, high temperature of the inhaled mixture. Alarm function. Automatic data storage of the last 100 alarms;
  • Power supply from the network;
  • Additional features (options): connection to a personal computer (BabyLink), high-frequency ventilation (HFV), constant flow with pressure / volume control, (PSV / VG).

Optional programs and features

  • BabyLink - connection to a computer network;
  • HFV - high frequency ventilation;
  • PSV - constant flow with pressure control;
  • VG - constant flow with volume control.
  • Inspiratory pressure 10–80 mbar
  • Inspiratory flow 1–30 L/min
  • PEEP/CPAP level 0–25 mbar
  • Inspiratory time 0.1–2 sec
  • Expiratory time 0.2–30 sec
  • O2 concentration 21–100%
  • Maximum respiratory rate 200 breaths/min

Ventilation modes

  • SIMV
  • CPAP
  • optional high frequency mode 5–20 Hz (CPAP+HFV, IMV+HFV)
  • optional volume guaranteed ventilation (SIMV+VG, SIPPV+VG, PSV+VG)
  • optional PSV (spontaneous breathing support mode)

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