Анестезиологический монитор Draeger Vamos plus

Anesthesia monitor Dräger Vamos plus

It is an effective anesthetic gas monitor for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Concentrations of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and volatile anesthetic gases in the breathing gas mixture are measured and displayed for patient monitoring. The carbon dioxide concentration is displayed as a graph in real time. In addition, all values ​​of the measured concentrations of gases in the inhaled and exhaled mixture are displayed. The respiratory rate is determined from the carbon dioxide concentration curve and displayed on the screen.


  • Vamos is a stand-alone anesthesia monitor and is flexibly configurable. Vamos can initially have only CO2 and SpO2 monitoring in its configuration, and later, after upgrading, include monitoring of all 5 anesthetic gases (Isoflurane, Halothane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane, Dezflurane) and nitrous oxide N2O. Upgrades can be carried out at the location where the Vamos monitor is used to avoid disruption to work schedules.
  • Used with Fabius anesthesia machine to measure and monitor CO2 concentration, functional blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (Pulse), N2O concentration and volatile anesthetics: - ftorothane - enflurane - isoflurane - sevoflurane - dezflurane.
  • Measuring principle: based on infrared radiation using a new generation of fast sensor.
  • Measuring accuracy: complies with ISO 11196/EN 864 standards Sampling rate: 150 ml/min
  • High contrast 108x58mm LCD overview display. Graphic display: CO2 parameters in real time (t). Numerical values: minimum inhaled (Fi) and exhaled (Fet) concentration of CO2, N2O and working anesthetic, hemoglobin O2 saturation (SpO2), heart rate


  • CO2 and SpO2 monitoring
  • Monitoring of volatile anesthetics, CO2 and N2O
  • Monitoring of volatile anesthetics, CO2, N2O and SpO2
  • Made in USA
  • Operation - Function buttons, rotary knob
  • Device class - Medium
  • Battery - built-in
  • Alarm system - Yes
  • Impedance method for measuring breathing parameters - High-precision analysis of the entire respiratory cycle
  • Pulse oximetry - SPO2
  • Customizable screen profiles - Yes
  • The function of combining monitors into a single information network and connecting to a central station - Yes
  • Device weight - 2.1 kg
  • Battery life - 2 hours
  • Heart rate measurement - yes
  • SpO2 measurement - yes
  • Screen - High contrast 108x58mm LCD overview display

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