Airflow unit for cleaning teeth Combi TOUCH

Multifunctional device for the prophylaxis of dental diseases, combining an ultrasound scaler and teeth airpolishing
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Airpolishing device combined with a scaler - start all in one!

The device Сombi Touch 2 в 1, combines an ultrasonic scaler and a airpolishing (according to the type of air flow). It allows simultaneous prophylactic treatment of teeth with powder powder (soft and painless removal of supragingival and subgingival tartar), and ultrasonic prophylaxis and treatment (removal of dental deposits, treatment of pockets, care of implants).

The right powder for the intended use 

таблица применимости бикарбонатного и глицинового порошка

Traditionally sodium bicarbonate powders are used for air-polishing procedures. Used in a proper and not excessively intense manner, the risk of harm to the enamel is minimal. For additional applications more gentle powders have been developed during the last years. Especially glycine, a natural amino acid, opened new indications for air-polishers, the most important being subgingival removal of biofilm.

Related treatments for ultrasonic handpiece (scaler)

  • prophylaxis - supragingival scaling
  • periodontics - subgingival scaling
  • perimplantitis - implant cleaning
  • endodontics - cleaning of root channels
  • endodontics - revision of root channels
  • endodontics - retrograde
  • restorative - preparation of cavities
  • restorative - preparation of pits and fissures
  • restorative - finishing of prosthetic preparations
  • restorative - removal of old restorations
  • restorative - removal of excess restoration
  • orthodontics - scaling
  • extraction

Technical advantages of Combi TOUCH

Supra and subgingival

You can simply switch during the treatment between supra and subgingival air polishing by pressing prophy or perio button.

Clogging protection

Once you switched the unit on, the tubing is cleaned by a permanent light air stream.

Ergonomic touch panel 

Due to the ergonomic touch panle, you control every function as fast and intuitive as never before - and at the same time clean and disinfect the device in literally no time.

Refill function

Thanks to the exclusive "refill" function, you can  easily remove the powder chambers without switching the unit off, for a fast and efficient maintenance.

2 removable powder chambers

2 камеры для порошка

Thanks to the refill function, powder chambers are easily removable for flexible use of sodium-bicarbonate powder (prophy) and glycine powder (perio). 

500 ml bottle

съёмный флакон для ирриганта

The illuminated bottle-system lets you use different liquids (e.g. chlorhexidine in perio or sodium hypochlorite in endo).

3 different nozzles

3 распылительные насадки

Always best access - 90° and 120° angled spray nozzles for supra- and subgingival use in periodontal pockets up to 5 mm depth. The Perio nozzle equipped with the disposable sterile Subgingival Perio Tip provides optimal access in pockets deeper more than 5 mm. All the nozzles need just a click to get connected and they are safely fixed to the air-polishing handpiece thanks to a dedicated security connection system.

Subgingival Perio Tip

поддесневая насадка

Flexible and soft - the disposable Subgingival Perio Tip will come sterile and gets simply attached to the perio nozzle by hand.

Ultrasound piezoscaler

ультразвуковые насадки

The ultrasound of combi touch operates according to the piezoelectric principle. The inserts apply planar backwards and forwards vibrations, shifting the tartar gently sideways. The patient does not feel any unpleasant hammering movements on the surface of the tooth, and the dentist can work more easily and in greater comfort.

Scaling, perio, endo restorative dentistry – the combi touch can be used for an extraordinary variety of applications.

Ultrasound of Combi TOUCH

Soft mode

график работы режима перио

  • insert oscillation amplitude reduction for gentle but still efficient tip movement
  • maximum comfort for sensitive patients

Pulse mode

график модуляции импульсного режима ультразвуковых колебаний

  • maximum efficiency in extraction and prosthetics

Complete set

Combi touch-standard

  • 1 combi touch
  • 1 LED ultrasonic handpiece
  • 1 scaling - insert S1-S
  • 1 perio - insert P10
  • 1 bottle 500 ml
  • 1 bottle safety cap
  • 1 torque wrench K6
  • 1 air-polishing nozzle 90°
  • 1 air-polishing nozzle 120°
  • 1  bottle of mectron prophylaxis powder, contents 250 g

Combi touch-perio

  • 1 combi touch
  • 1 LED ultrasonic handpiece
  • 1 scaling - insert S1-S
  • 1 perio - insert P10
  • 1 bottle 500 ml
  • 1 bottle safety cap
  • 1 torque wrench K6
  • 1 air-polishing nozzle 90°
  • 1 air-polishing nozzle 120°
  • 1 air-polishing PERIO
  • 1 box subgengival perio tips (40 pcs)
  • 1 torque wrench K9
  • 1 bottle of mectron prophylaxis powder, contents 250 g