Airpolishing unit Turbodent

Self-inclusive device for airpolishing teeth with help bicarbonate and glycine powder
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Airpolishing device with a "PERIO" mode for gentle delicate subgingival treatment

Turbodent is a stand-alone unit specifically designed for sandblasting. It has a perio mode of reducing the supply pressure of the powder with the possibility of use. The device Turbodent allows using both a bicarbonate powder for classical polishing of the tooth surface and a powder based on glycine for gentle subgingival treatments.

PERIO function

turbodent perio режим

Turbodent is equipped with the new perio function. Simply pressing a button adapts the air pressure to provide for safe subgingival treatment with glycine powder.

The right powder for the intended use

таблица применимости бикарбонатного и глицинового порошка

Traditionally sodium bicarbonate powders are used for air-polishing procedures. Used in a proper and not excessively intense manner, the risk of harm to the enamel is minimal. For additional applications more gentle powders have been developed during the last years. Especially glycine, a natural amino acid, opened new indications for air-polishers, the most important being subgingival removal of biofilm.

Device compliant to Dir. 93/42/CEE: Class II a
Classification as per EN 60601-1:

Type B
IP 20 (device)
IP 22 (foot pedal)

Device for intermittent operation: 60 sec. ON - 30 sec. OFF with irrigation
Power supply voltage: 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
120 Vac 50/60 Hz (optional)
115 Vac 50/60 Hz (optional)
100 Vac 50/60 Hz (optional)  
Max. power absorbed:95 VA
Fuses: 230 Vac - Type 5 X 20 mm T 500 mAL, 250V  
120 Vac - Type 5 X 20 mm T 800 mAL, 250V  
115 Vac - Type 5 X 20 mm T 800 mAL, 250V  
100 Vac - Type 5 X 20 mm T 800 mAL, 250V
Water supply:Stepless adjustment, water heated by built-in heater  
Connection by hose supplied with quick-coupling connector through a built-in removable filter.
Working pressure from 1 to 6 bar
Air supply Connection through supplied hose with quick- coupling connector through a built-in filter and pressure reducing valve.  
Input pressure between 4 and 8 bars.  
Working pressure:  
Prophy function = 3,5 bar  
Perio function = 2,7 bar
Operating conditions:from +10°C to +40°C
Relative humidity from 30% to 75%
Pressure of air P: 800hPa/1060hPa
Transport and storage conditions: from -10°C to +70°C
Relative humidity from 10% to 90%
Pressure of air P: 500hPa/1060hPa
Weight:3,2 Kg
Size (L -W - H):280 x 185 x 100 mm
Warranty:device 2 years; handpiece and handpiece cord 1 year


  • turbodent
  • spray head
  • bottle of mectron prophylaxis powder, contents 250 g
  • spare water filter

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