Магнитно-резонансный томограф GE Signa HDX 1.5T



Magnetic resonance tomograph GE Signa HDX 1.5T

A modern innovative device for a wide range of clinical studies, ranging from neurological, bone skeleton, muscle tissue and ending with the most complex studies of the heart, angiography, etc. The magnetic field strength is 1.5 T, which ensures sufficient workload and throughput of the device, and the versatility settings provides the specialist with significant opportunities. The Signa HDX 1.5T GE magnetic resonance tomograph has a four-channel gradient system with a maximum amplitude of 23 mT/m and a slew rate of 77 mT/(m ms). The device provides a high-quality image when visualizing a field of view of 53 cm. A compact superconducting magnet with a strength of 1.5T and an active shielding system, a four-channel gradient system ensure the uniformity of the magnetic field, and a revolutionary cooling technology minimizes the consumption of liquid helium (refueling - 1 time in 3 years). Magnet with superconducting coils provide stable operation of the Signa HDX 1.5T GE magnetic resonance tomograph, high field uniformity and image quality. The Signa HDX 1.5T GE magnetic resonance tomograph has a comfortable and ergonomic design. The wide tunnel provides comfortable conditions to accommodate even overweight patients; there is ventilation, optimal illumination, an emergency call button for medical staff, etc. The convenience of patient positioning is ensured by the ergonomic design of the detachable table, which can move vertically (from 66 to 96.5 cm) and longitudinally. The table is designed for patients weighing up to 159 kg. All functions of the Signa HDX 1.5T GE magnetic resonance tomograph are controlled from an adjacent room, where the entire examination is reflected on the displays.



  • Ease of use, versatility and reliability.
  • Ideal for both new and replacement equipment.
  • Ideal as the main tomograph in small clinics.
  • Excellent as an add-on device in large hospitals with high patient flow.
  • Low operating costs favor a quick return on investment.
  • The Signa Continuum program makes it easy to upgrade equipment over time.
  • The combination of low operating costs and application versatility secures your investment in a Signa® HDe 1.5T MR scanner, regardless of patient flow.

Easy to install, operate and acquire images.


  • The design of the magnet helps relieve stress on the patient, while the high resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio provide reliable clinical diagnostic data.
  • The independent detachable patient table has a mechanism for quick attachment to and detachment from the machine. This feature allows you to prepare the patient for examination outside the MR room, as well as evacuate the patient in an emergency in less than 30 seconds.
  • The compact superconducting magnet provides excellent magnetic field uniformity. The magnet is actively shielded. Advanced cooling technology minimizes helium loss.
  • The magnet has 18 GE-designed superconducting shimming coils to provide stable MRI performance, high field uniformity, and excellent image quality for various whole-body scanning techniques.
  • The Signa HDx 1.5T is enhanced with our unique HD - High Definition MRI technology. This technology provides excellent resolution that improves diagnostic accuracy for all patients.
  • The Signa HDx 1.5T MR scanner includes a full range of advanced HD applications: PROPELLER, TRICKS, LAVA and VIBRANT.